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PHYSICS SKATEBOARDING™ Wavelength "Camo-A" Longboard

PHYSICS SKATEBOARDING™ Wavelength "Camo-A" Longboard

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The PHYSICS SKATEBOARDINGTM Wavelength Longboard merges precision engineering with streetwise style, presenting our Camo-A digital camouflage for the urban jungle.

At 33 inches of Canadian Maple mastery, this fishtail board is a testament to durability and design, boasting a 7-ply construction bound with vibration-resistant adhesive. The Wavelength is fitted with our elite Gravity 9.0 Ti trucks, anchored by Graviton 90A bushings for fluid carving and responsive turns. Roll over any terrain with the plush ride of our 60x40 78A wheels, coupled with Cyclotrons Silver ceramic bearings for unparalleled glide.

Adorned with our Gluon Grip griptape featuring retro racing stripe cutouts, and held together with Neutrinos hardware, this longboard is a skater's dream for cruising and style. Hand-assembled with passion by our Physics experts in the USA and born from the creative pulse of NYC.

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