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Embrace the thrill of the spin with the PHYSICS SKATEBOARDINGTM Vortex Flying Disc, your ultimate companion for outdoor fun. Whether in the contrasting sleek dark grey or the vibrant white, the Vortex stands out in design and performance. Weighing 140 grams and boasting a 10.5" diameter, this disc is perfectly balanced to soar through winds at the beach and gentle enough for kids' play. Its robust polypropylene construction ensures durability, resisting scuffs and cracks through heavy use.

The Vortex isn't just about performance; it's about accessibility. The meticulously molded grooves offer an ergonomic grip, making throws and catches a breeze for players of all skill levels. And for the canine companions in your life, the Vortex is dog-friendly, allowing for endless fetching without compromising on its structure. Whether you're planning a day at the beach, a family picnic in the park, or just enjoying the backyard, the Vortex Flying Disc is ready to launch into action. This flying disc is not just a toy, but a staple for any active outing, offering a seamless blend of recreation and exercise, suitable for all ages and even your furry friends.

Get ready to spin into hours of dynamic play with the PHYSICS SKATEBOARDING Vortex Flying Disc.

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