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PHYSICS SKATEBOARDING™ Shielding Protective Skateboarding Pads bundle

PHYSICS SKATEBOARDING™ Shielding Protective Skateboarding Pads bundle

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Step into your next adventure with confidence with the PHYSICS SKATEBOARDINGTM Shielding Protective Pads bundle. Designed for the skater who pushes the limits, this six-pack gear set features high-impact polypropylene shells and dense EVA padding, providing superior shock absorption and cushioning to guard against the tumbles of the trade.

Our Shielding bundle comes with elbow guards, knee pads, and wrist guards, each piece carefully curved to conform to your body, ensuring maximum protection where you need it most. The adjustable elastic straps paired with sturdy Velcro closures offer a personalized fit that stays secure, so you can focus on nailing those tricks without hesitation.

Whether you're dropping into a halfpipe or cruising the city streets, these pads are your armor against the asphalt. With PHYSICS SKATEBOARDING Shielding Protective Pads, you're not just wearing pads; you're gearing up with science-designed shielding for every grind and glide.

Product details:

  • Materials: 100% new polypropylene shells, EVA padding foam, ballistic nylon straps, Velcro closures
  • Sizes: S, M, L
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