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PHYSICS SKATEBOARDING™ Proton complete skateboard "Zombie Response"

PHYSICS SKATEBOARDING™ Proton complete skateboard "Zombie Response"

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Take your skateboarding experience to the next level with the PHYSICS SKATEBOARDINGTM Proton complete skateboard, the ultimate setup for those ready to tackle the urban jungle with a touch of the undead. The Proton complete features our Zombie Response deck, a vibrant and durable 7.25" x 29" Proton deck that is perfect for big-sized kids looking for a stable ride with exceptional pop.

Mounted on this board are the Gravity 7.4 trucks, providing a smooth and responsive turning experience, thanks to the pro-grade Gravitons 90A bushings. These trucks are ideal for ybig kids aged around 9 to 12 years, promising durability and precision. The ride is further enhanced by our Black Holes 56x34 83A wheels, designed with a Physics Symmetric Profile for a balance of grip and speed, suitable for a variety of skating styles.

Inside the wheels, Cyclotrons Silver ceramic bearings ensure an unmatched roll speed, durability, and resistance to the elements, making every push count. These bearings are complemented by our Angstrom 30M risers, which elevate the deck just enough to protect it from metal friction damage and reduce vibration, offering a smoother ride.

The deck's grip comes from our top-tier Gluon Grip griptape, ensuring maximum traction and control, while the Neutrinos hardware secures the assembly with reliability. Every component of the Proton Complete is thoughtfully selected to cater to young, ambitious riders who demand quality and performance in their skateboarding journey.

Hand-assembled with meticulous attention to detail in our U.S. factory, the Proton Complete with Zombie Response art isn't just a skateboard; it's a rolling piece of art ready for action. Whether cruising the streets or popping ollies at the skatepark, this complete setup is engineered to inspire confidence and progress in any skater's journey.

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