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PHYSICS SKATEBOARDING™ Picodeck Fingerboard (Camo-A)

PHYSICS SKATEBOARDING™ Picodeck Fingerboard (Camo-A)

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Introducing the PHYSICS SKATEBOARDINGTM Picodeck Camo-A fingerboard – your pocket-sized partner in pulling off the slickest finger flips and grinds. Every detail of our renowned "Camo-A" full-sized skateboard design is replicated here, right down to the signature camouflage pattern and bold PHYSICS SKATEBOARDING logo that adorns the bottom deck.

This mini marvel comes fully assembled and ready to skate out of the box, measuring a nimble 30mm x 100mm for ultimate control under your fingertips. The Picodeck sports 29mm chrome-colored trucks paired with vibrant green PHYSICS SKATEBOARDING polyurethane wheels, ensuring smooth rides and perfect grip on all your tabletop tricks.

Silver bearings glide with precision while the precut grip tape, flaunting the PHYSICS SKATEBOARDING and Picodeck logos, ensures your fingers stay locked in for every ollie and kickflip. Plus, each Picodeck comes with a tool, simple instructions, and exclusive stickers to customize your board or gear.

The adventure doesn't stop there – extra parts are readily available, so you can tweak and tune your Picodeck to perfection. Whether you’re a desk-bound pro or a street skate fanatic, the Picodeck Camo-A fingerboard is your go-to gadget for skate fun anytime, anywhere.

Product details:

  • No assembly required
  • Fingerboard size 30mm x 100mm
  • 29mm chrome colored trucks with green PHYSICS SKATEBOARDING polyurethane wheels
  • Silver bearings and precut grip tape, featuring PHYSICS SKATEBOARDING and Picodeck logos
  • Tool, simple instructions and stickers included
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