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The Photon Bike Light set by PHYSICS SKATEBOARDINGTM offers an exceptional lighting solution for cyclists, providing both visibility and safety on the road. The set features a robust forward light equipped with 16 high-brightness white LEDs and a tail light adorned with 30 high-brightness red LEDs, offering multiple modes—including standard, high, overdrive, and various flashing settings—to cater to different riding conditions and preferences. Designed with convenience in mind, both lights are USB rechargeable with the included cable, ensuring you're always powered up for your rides.

The forward light's versatile mounting is achieved with two durable O-rings, while the tail light can be swiftly attached and detached with its quick-release rail mount, making the transition from cyclist to pedestrian hassle-free. The intuitive indicator alerts the user to low battery, charging status, and a fully charged battery, so you're never left guessing. Engineered to endure diverse weather conditions, the Photon lights boast an IPX5 water resistance rating, ensuring reliability and performance in wet environments. Whether you're an urban commuter or a nocturnal trail explorer, the Photon Bike Light set is your dependable companion, shining the way forward.

Included in the set is the forward LED light, the flashing red tail light, two O-rings for handlebar mounting, a quick-release rail mount for the tail light, and a USB charging cable. This comprehensive lighting system ensures that you're well-equipped for any cycling adventure, day or night.

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