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PHYSICS SKATEBOARDING™ Hadron Helmet Toppers (Spring 2024 collection)

PHYSICS SKATEBOARDING™ Hadron Helmet Toppers (Spring 2024 collection)

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Our PHYSICS SKATEBOARDINGTM  Spring 2024 Hadron Helmet Toppers collection offers a personalized touch to your grommet's skating gear with these vibrant, durable acrylic badges.

This set features three iconic designs: the sleek PHYSICS SKATEBOARDING logo, the playful Picodeck fingerboard logo, and our whimsically eerie mascot, Coney Island Tillie, adding a dash of style to our Hadron Helmets.

Each topper is equipped with robust 3M foam adhesive squares, ensuring these decorative badges stay securely affixed through all the kickflips and ollies. Perfect for expressing individuality, the Hadron Helmet Toppers are as sturdy and long-lasting as the skate sessions they'll accompany.

Whether it's the classic charm of Tillie or the sharp look of the Physics Skateboarding logo, these toppers make a helmet more than just protective gear—they turn it into a statement.

Look out for our seasonal collections of Hadron Helmet Toppers!

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