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PHYSICS SKATEBOARDING™ Cyclotrons Silver ceramic skateboard bearings

PHYSICS SKATEBOARDING™ Cyclotrons Silver ceramic skateboard bearings

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Cyclotrons skateboard bearings are over-engineered by the skate geeks at PHYSICS SKATEBOARDINGTM for the smoothest, fastest and longest-rolling ride possible. Cyclotrons bearings only utilize ultra-hard ceramic ball bearings (leave steel balls in the 20th century, where they belong!) Physics ceramic bearings are four times harder than stainless steel, they maintain their dimensional accuracy for years, and they roll dramatically longer than steel. And unlike steel balls, our ceramic ball bearings will not – cannot – rust.

Cyclotrons Silver

Our entry-level ceramic skateboard bearings, Cyclotrons Silver, utilize the same high-grade GCr15 Chromium Manganese steel alloy as our high-end Cyclotrons Prime, and include seven 3.969mm “artificial diamond” Zirconium Dioxide (ZrO2) balls in each deep-groove raceway. Zirconium Dioxide is four times harder than stainless steel. We separate and protect the ceramic balls from touching each other with our exclusive reinforced nylon crown-cage, which allows more heat to dissipate than a normal non-ventilated cage.

For a very small investment you can ride and enjoy advanced ceramic bearings. Your deck will be lighter and will roll much further between pushes than old-fashioned steel bearings, your ride will be super-smooth and quiet, and your ceramic balls can never rust.

Cyclotrons Silver look sick with their stark ceramic balls exposed, and if you prefer to seal your bearings, we include a full set of alloy-reinforced pop-in/pop-out shields.

For beginners and casual skaters on a budget, Cyclotrons Silver are not just good. They’re great. Cyclotrons Silver boast superior technology when compared to every steel bearing on the market. Cyclotrons Silver fit almost every skateboard on earth, and for longboard riders, we also include a full set of silver spacers and washers.

  • Set of 8.
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