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PHYSICS SKATEBOARDING™ Black Holes 56x34 83A skateboard wheels (Physics Symmetric Profile)

PHYSICS SKATEBOARDING™ Black Holes 56x34 83A skateboard wheels (Physics Symmetric Profile)

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The Black Holes philosophy

PHYSICS SKATEBOARDINGTM  Black Holes skateboard wheels are designed in NYC to exceed the needs of 21st century riders. The different models of Black Holes wheels feature specific polyurethane formulations, profiles (shapes) and cores for different riders and riding styles.

Black Holes 56x34 83A (Physics Symmetric Profile)

These wheels are specifically engineered to appeal to a wide range of teen and adult skaters, from beginners to advanced riders, providing grippy comfort on most riding surfaces, including smooth ramps. The slightly larger dimensions provide longer rolling time and can maintain higher speeds than our 52mm wheels.

  • Rider type: 13—99 years old, beginners, intermediates and advanced.
  • Hardness: Medium and grippy (83A)
  • Dimensions: 56mm diameter, 34mm width, 18mm contact patch
  • Our standard Physics Symmetric Profile provides a 18mm wide ungrooved contact patch with the pavement and a reversable design – the wheels can be ridden with logo-in or logo-out and can be freely rotated in both orientations on all four corners of the skateboard.
  • These wheels are cast from 100% new Physics 83A polyurethane, which provides a very comfortable, smooth ride over rough pavement and park surfaces, and great grip for trick riding on ramps and obstacles.
  • These wheels include our tough thermoplastic polypropylene Singularity Core. Rugged and slightly flexible, this core greatly supports the structural and dimensional integrity of the wheel’s polyurethane, leading to long life and predictable riding lines.
  • Set of 4.


All Physics Black Holes are cast with high-grade, 100% new polyurethane (PU). Our PU is a durable thermoset polymer that we fabricate in three different hardness formulations: 78A, 83A and 90A on the Shore Durometer Scale. Polyurethane was invented by Otto Bayer at IG Farben in Germany in 1937. The perfect material for skate wheels, PU is also used for wheels of rollercoasters, escalators, elevators, shopping carts, in high-performance adhesives, and even in the stretchy fabric called Spandex. Our PU is fully recyclable.


Our softer-formulation wheels include an inner core made of a thermoplastic polymer called polypropylene (PP). PP is a mechanically tough and rugged engineering plastic. Our PP is designed to be slightly flexible, which provides a longer-lasting and better riding skateboard wheel. PP was invented in 1954 by the great Italian chemist and Nobel laureate Giulio Natta and the noted German chemist Karl Rehn. Our PP is fully recyclable (resin ID code 5).

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